Get Specific About What You Want

Get a Closer Look

Prioritizing yourself as you crush your goals is difficult when you don’t have an action plan, so I’m glad to share my journey with you as I create SMART goals that will propel my career to the next level. Identifying your strengths is only the beginning to creating the life that you want to live. So bear down with me and get SPECIFIC about what you want.

The first step to creating an action plan. Whether it’s a task or an objective, ultimately everything we do must be intentional as we work towards our personal development and getting out of our own way. The specificity and effort you put into taking steps to organize your life will pave the path for your future success.

For example: Making the statement that you want to start your own business is a broad goal to have. You have not stated what kind of business you want or will potentially start. But when you are specific, you’ll say, I’d like to start a success coaching business working with mid-career women that want to maximize their skills and boost their productivity at work. 

When you are clear about what you want and can articulate that, then the work you begin to do becomes aligned with that goal and your focus. If your vision is not clear, it won’t translate well and you will risk becoming busy and counterproductive. Remember, people are watching you, and blanket statements are a gateway to your weaknesses when you are not passionate about the work you are attempting to do.

Get real with yourself and do not trade in your authenticity for approval. The only person that matters is you because sometimes your goals are personal.. Crush them continually, and clap for yourself as you move along. 

Now things may change, but when you work on one goal at a time, you’ll be pleased to look back on where you started and realize that you have been putting in the work and it’s only up from here.

So be intention. Be clear. Be specific about what you want because the only thing holding you back is you. Now homework time. Sit down and write 3 things you’d like to accomplish. It can be this week, this month, or even this year. Are you being specific enough? It not, how can you make your goal more specific so that you can see which step you need to take next?

The beauty in this is that you can make adjustments as needed as long as you don’t give up. This is step process and we will reach our destination.


Eliminating Threats As You Grow

Hey Goodbuddies,

Did you know that not knowing what makes you stand out is a weakness because we all have something inside of us that needs to be shared. Your voice is unique, however life gets complicated when we face battles that we don’t quite understand.

So what does this mean?

-Internal battles are a threat to your growth when self doubt is in place. We have to learn how to advocate for ourselves and affirm our existence without the validation of others. 

Your mindset has to shift to I Can versus I can’t when setting goals for yourself and taking steps to becoming a better you. Your transformation is threatened when you don’t take yourself seriously. So do the work to move past those mind blocks that hold you back because your biggest breakthrough is proving to yourself what you are capable of doing.

Whew! That’s a lot to take in but so are the things that are out of your control.

-External threats to your progress and growth are the limiting factors that you face even when you do everything right for yourself but the logistics of working with others may be unclear. 

In situations where your skills, knowledge, and abilities are being counterproductive, that’s a red flag to regroup and find a beneficial endeavor. All opportunities are not good opportunities so use discernment.

There will be shifts in your mindset as you experience personal growth. After all the goal is to grow. As I’ve said week after week by Continuing to do the work on yourself it makes you a better person and more aware of productivity.

So I hope you are keeping track of your homework because when you put it all together you next step is to create an action plan that will maximize your strengths, forge your weaknesses, identity opportunities to grow, and minimize threats to your progress. This work is personal and ultimately you have to do what’s best for you.

I share little tidbits here and there so go find me on FB @drlatilyarashon and IG @iamdrlatilyarashon for more insightful tips on being you, doing you, for you, and I look forward to connecting with you soon.


Stop Procrastinating and Grow

Hey Goodbuddies,

Quick question, do you know how to identify your opportunities to grow?

Pushing past your comfort zone is scary. But we have to forge our weaknesses and take a risk at trying something new. After all what’s the point of being good at what you do when you never step out of your norm to do something different, and realize you’re great. This is uncomfortable but we have to be aware of areas for growth if we want to shake the room and increase our productivity. 

So let’s get into it: 

-Apply for the job that has been calling your name and update your resume. When you push yourself to see your growth and your need for more is sitting on your shoulders, that is the time to strike. The list of skills you have match the requirements and responsibilities that stare you in the face, but fear has you paralyzed. Go for it anyways because you are meant to stand out, and it’s an opportunity to practice what you preach.

-Share your skills and talents with the people you are most in contact with that support your vision and dreams. You make your work look easy and when asked about your processes, don’t be afraid to open up. Each one, teach one builds connections and open doors that you could not have imagined. Being prosocial can get your name spoken highly in rooms and invitations to be a part of masterminds, simply because you shared.

-Personal Development. What you feed your mind, you become. Food, Fashion, Family, Fun, and Faith drive your existence and we are always researching ways to put our spin on those five aspects of our lives. Read and listen to information that fuels your fire to be present and productive in life. Don’t settle for mediocrity.

There will be shifts in your opportunities to grow, you just need to prepare yourself for when the opportunities present themselves. Continuing to do the work on yourself makes you a better person. 

So I hope you are keeping track of your homework each week because now based on your work from last week, how can you position yourself to work on your weaknesses where the benefit is your growth? Again, there are no right or wrong answers, just know that you are destined for more.

Continue your walk as the fearfully and wonderfully made personal that you are. 

So thank you for rocking with your girl. You can find me on FB @drlatilyarashon and IG @iamdrlatilyarashon for more insightful tips on being you, doing you, for you, and I look forward to connecting with you soon.

I’ll check in with ya’ll later.


Creating New Habits: Forge Your Weaknesses

Hey Goodbuddies,

I’m so excited to check in with you all this week to see how you’re living and how we can make it even better.

So I’m going to hop right in and tell you that for the past two weeks I have been doing a series on the Mac Muzik Show to help people maximize their strenghts.

I have broken down the S.W.O.T. analysis which is for the benefit of identifying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities to grow, and threats to your progress.

Identifying your strengths and weaknesses is uncomfortable but we have to be aware of areas for growth if we want to boost our productivity. It is difficult to admit that we all struggle with some things but it is a necessity.

So let’s get into it: 

-Communicating is always tough for some people because you know what you want to say but some things get lost in translation. A weakness sometimes is verbal because the slightest inflection could be deemed as hostile or abrasive. So it may be best in some situations to listen before speaking so that you have a clear understanding.

-Prioritization can be a weakness because trying to do too many things at the same time affects your output. We have to learn what takes precedence over keeping us busy. When you learn how to list things by their order of importance and urgency, you are able to get things done more efficiently. So start by creating a short list of 3-5 tasks you need to complete each day and check them off as you go.

-Operating within your comfort zone! There is no way you will grow if you continue to do things the same way all of the time. Your personality traits will be pushed to the limit and it may even unnerve you, but you have to learn how to rely on your full skillset and not just the skills you are most comfortable with using. 

From time to time you will strengthen your weaknesses then begin to identify other areas that you will need to improve. Doing the work on yourself makes you a better person. These good habits come into play when you

-Identify your strengths to know what you’re good at and use those skills daily.

-Forge your weaknesses to push those skills to the surface and stop holding yourself back.

-Give yourself so grace and understand that every venture will not be perfect.

So take some time, and identify the areas of your life and abilities that you need to strengthen. We all have weaknesses but it takes a strong person to acknowledge them and work to make them better.

Do a comparison of your strengths and weaknesses and ask yourself are you being as forthright in your efforts as you can be? There is no right or wrong answer, just know that You Depend On You!

Continue your walk as the fearfully and wonderfully made personal that you are. That’s all I have for you this week.

So thank you for rocking with your girl. You can find me on FB @drlatilyarashon and IG @iamdrlatilyarashon for more insightful tips on being you, doing you, for you, and I look forward to connecting with you soon.

I’ll check in with ya’ll later.


Culture Add and Core Values

In theory when you set you sights on charging a new path as an entrepreneur, even with careful planning some mistakes will be made along the way. I read a post the other day on social that said, “Launch the business anyway and fix it later.” I said you know what, they just might be on to something.

It is not enough to want simply want something, you have to work for it. Right now everyone is home, the wheels are turning, and businesses are popping out everywhere. I perhaps am just a tad bit overthinking my next moves because I struggle with wanting everything to go just right and now have to backtrack too much unnecessarily.

Sitting in on webinars, masterclasses, and taking email courses over the years, I find myself looking at my brag bank to gain more insight on my culture add. I picked this term up in a masterclass on creating your own e-course to generate revenue. The thought of creating a course is exciting, especially one designed around the idea of goal setting, and after all I am a teacher but I second guess myself and that is a mindset block that I have to work through.

I can tell me story over and over about what it is like to be a working mom with author ambition and teaching fulltime, but who is truly paying attention. My career experience, education, relationship failures are things that busy moms can relate to so launching and relaunching is tedious for me because fixing things later feels like something I am always doing. For example, I have been fixing and recycling, My Fourth Year in Middle School: The Truth About Teaching because that is where my edupreneur journey started. The going thing now is to turn your book into a business and I must say that has been tough which is why my next work is been completed with more care and strategy.

I can add to the culture based on my mothering skills and how I fought in the past and currently fight through the tough times because my sons need me. My identity is beyond the classroom and I find myself mentoring people both directly and indirectly because I’m available and so is my content. The places I have been rather long term or short term further shape my experiences as well as my education which I am extremely proud of myself for acquiring. Discipline saw me through my degrees even at the times I wanted to quit and keeping it real and being authentic is the only thing I know how to do.

So what do I take a stand for: I take a stand for divorces moms balancing work and home while trying to sustain some normalcy in my life. I stand for the overlooked female entrepreneur that is tired but continues to try anyway. I am one of many authors with a lot to say but has yet to fall on the right ears. I am the speaker with a voice that has fought battles internal and external because quitting is not an option. I stand for the women who believe even when life has a way of being interrupted and not always being fair. So now what? It is all about the connection.

I bring genuine reality to the room because let’s face it, being a good mother and having stability in my our lives in something that all mothers strive to have. A lot of women are independent and we value being positive role models to our child/children. We value being able to provide holistic support to our kids because they will learn from us how to cope with life. Most importantly peace of mind is the root of all we do because understanding what is for us (you) cannot be taken away from you when you actually put in the work.

So yes, start the business. Write the book. Use your creativity. Chase your dreams.

You can add to the culture in your own individuality and uniqueness because once you know who you are, you dare not compromise your values.