You Should Brag About Yourself, and Do It Often!

Your personal brand is an extension of your accomplishments throughout your life. Whether you are focused on your business and want it to grow, your advancements in your career, or personal goals you have set for yourself, at each turn you are able to cross an accomplishment or task off of your list. 

People often dream of the things that they want to do and never quite put in the effort to get things done. However, you have to take a step back and look over your life, you’ll begin to realize that you have a lot to be celebrated. When I joined the Air Force back in 2001 one of the first things they told us as young airmen was to write down everything that we did outside of work. Essentially we were guided to create our brag sheet so when it was time to write our annual evaluations, our supervisors did not have to steer far from the script. They could use our accomplishments, extracurriculars, and words to write glowing reviews of our performance over the year.

In your life right now as you journey through it you should take inventory of who you are and represent, the places you have been, the education you have acquired, your personal achievements, and last but not least what you stand for. 

You may not have considered this yourself, but you have your own brag bank and when you keep in mind how to transfer your skills from task to task, you become more marketable. Keeping things into perspective when you create your core values, you also have to see where you have placed importance in your life. For the most part we focus our attention on our business, career and personal life, so why not brag about yourself. You have way more going for you than you give yourself credit for so let’s get into it.

What Do You Represent? Example: Mom, Educator, Entrepreneur, etc.

The roles you play in your life become a part of your character, personality, and what you represent. You can be a mother, but that is not your only purpose in life, nor the only demographic you are connected to. Mothers are often characterized as being nurturers, caretakers, and that extends beyond your immediate family. As a working mother, a military mom, or a business mom; you have goals outside of your home that you aspire to reach that build your daily resume and existence. 

You are not limited in what you represent which has been defined by the core values you have set for yourself. 

The Places You Have Been? Based on your business, career, and personal life.

Being exposed to different cultures, people, places, and things based on where you have been is something to brag about. Taking the initiative to visit business events and networking helps you gain connections with people that think the same as you. It is important to your growth and influence when you visit other places to give you perspective. 

Traveling as a part of your career, especially as a member of management or even military travel gives you experience in working with diverse groups of people. You strengthen your skill set when you are able to work collaboratively with others in places outside of your normal work place. Being invited or even assigned places to go builds versatility to your experience and your brag bank.

Limited exposure outside of your normal day to day is a threat to your productivity. Sometimes you can get stuck if you are only around the same people, places and things that it

impedes your ability to make an impression. You need to be around other people to gain awareness of your strengths and weaknesses as you push past your comfort zone. So keep track of the places you have visited and take note of how they have left a lasting impact on your life.

What Have You Accomplished? Education, Marriage, Dream Job, etc.

Don’t ever let someone tell you that your education or your marriage certificate is a piece of paper. You have worked hard to establish your family when you walk down the aisle and exchange vows, just as you have written endless papers to obtain your degree. It is polarizing to think that your accomplishments will not be celebrated which is why you should keep track of your successes. What you have accomplished becomes a part of your story and your personal brand. Little stepping goals lead into major moves when you level up in your business, career, and your personal life. Your accomplishments tell pieces of who you are before you begin to speak. It ‘s not being boastful to share your trials as you accomplished different tasks and objectives. You are being helpful because people want to know how you have been able to do the things you do. Your humility is not in staying quiet about how hard you work. Your humbleness is rooted in your ability to share the times you felt you could not go on, but you refused to give up. That is not only a braggable moment, but a teachable moment as well.

What Do You Stand For? Beliefs and Your Faith

There is a fine line when discussing your belief system with others because varied opinions can cause conflict. However, standing firm in your convictions is a part of your identity and how you are approached and perceived. The good book says that a righteous man falls down seven times but stands up eight (Proverbs 24:16). You have to have that same faith when you are building your brag bank because it will come with challenges.

What you represent will be questioned and picked apart by people that do not understand your journey. The places you visit will become more interesting because they are aligned with your purpose. And your accomplishments will have more meaning as you build beyond your stepping stone goals to your lifelong dreams. As you begin to live on purpose and transfer your goals and capabilities; your self-identity will expand and define what you stand for, believe, and have faith in. So begin to reflect on the things you acquire in your life and their influence on your character. You have a lot to brag about even when you think it’s small, it really is a big deal.

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The Four Types of Goals

You run into people in your lifetime that will tell you to just do the things you’ve always wanted to do without giving you some insight or direction on how to conquer your fears. It takes knowing who you are and what you are good at to set yourself up for success. Your success depends on the types of goals you set for yourself, so let’s get into.

Type 1: Stepping Stone Goals

This is the first type of goal you set when you decide that you are ready to do something different in your life. The hamster wheel has come to a stop and now you are ready to get different results in your life. Whether you are ready to change your outcome in your business, career, or personal life, making the decision to commit to change is a big deal. There is a reason you have come to the conclusion that change is needed and it could be that you are tired of being in the same place in your life. See comparison is the thief of joy, so understand that your first step is not going to be the same step that someone decides to take. As with anything that you do, you have to be patient with yourself and process and not rush the things you want to last in your life. Your personal transformation starts here with identifying your why and need for change then set attainable goals that are grounded in your core values. Now is the time to operate in what you do well and set small goals that will impact the areas of your life that you want to improve.

As you set your stepping stone goal, envision the outcome to desire. 

Do you want to forge your strengths to be more productive in your business, career, and in your day to day life?

 Are you seeking change and ready to develop a personal development plan? 

Are you ready to transform your life so that you can stop procrastinating? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, that is the first step and you are ready to dig deep and do the worth and carve the path for your transformation.

Type 2: Short Term Goals

The second goal to become well versed in setting, are short term goals. These goals won’t take you long to accomplish and in most cases are goals that can be accomplished in a short period. Typically when you set short term goals, you prioritize what needs to be done immediately and what can be stretched out over time. Your daily tasks build into your weekly objectives that pave the way for your guided success. As you set your goals you must be cognizant of how long certain things will take. Having a monthly or quarterly focus will help you knock out those smaller tasks that you will build your future goals and aspirations from. In your new quest to enhance your life, you can have a big picture in mind but dealing with what you can handle right now will keep you from becoming overwhelmed.

It does not matter what month you decide you want to work on a particular focus in your life, but setting clear 30, 60, or even 90 days worth of intentions will help you manifest the work you are putting in. Chunking your ideas and breaking them down into controllable parts will help you accomplish way more than have a long list that would cause you to have anxiety. When you set a short, attainable goal, you’re more likely to see your personal transformation all the way through and trust your process.

It may be annoying to people who aren’t ready, but when you ask someone where do you see yourself in the next year? Or the next five years? That is stressful. Your psyche is not able to handle long range thinking and that is one of the reasons some many of you give up on your dreams. However, long term goals are essential to your growth because they help you plan out your life once you start maximizing your unique skill set and become a person that is knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Type 3: Long Term Goals

It’s easy to reach your goals when you carefully plan your next steps and know exactly what it takes to propel your business, career, and personal life. Once you take that initial step and monitor your progress, you set yourself up for longevity and setting new attainable goals because you are committed to the process. As mentioned, establishing your core values early in your personal transformation, keeps you driven and operating in your purpose, and capable of getting your tasks and objectives done. A business certification, degree from a college, or even a promotion may take in excess of a year but knowing what you want and taking it a day at time will surely help you reach your personal level of success.

Type 4: Lifelong Goals

You really become focused on what you want when you are putting in the work. Creating the life you want to live takes planning and effort and your life long goal should always involve being more productive versus busy. Your mind will change many times as you are pursuing your dreams and that is okay. Having a plan and learning how to be flexible is all about your growth and readjusting becomes easier because you have a foundation. Lifelong goals will always help you stay determined to see your ambitions through as you look back over where you started and the progress you have made.

Envisioning your future career, obtaining advanced degrees, prioritizing your goals based on your family and faith adds value to your personal brand as you continue to excel in multiple area of your life. You can’t reach this point of organizing your life and structuring your goals until you decide which path you are going to take. You also need to remember that your journey is unique and will not look like the people around you. You must run your own race the SMART way as you continue to check things off of your list.It feels good when you are on top and being more productive than busy. Share your journey with me at or leave a comment.


The Key Elements of a Personal Development Plan

Write the vision and make it plain. Habakkuk 2:2

It is not enough to say that you want to change, you actually have to commit to it. One of the best ways to adapt to change is to begin with the end in mind. What you may be saying is how would I know the end if I am just starting? Creating an individualized personal development plan is your blueprint for designing the life you want to live. Getting started may be intimidating so before you quit before experiencing a transformation do these four things.

Decide what you want by creating your personal vision: Think about what you want and how you plan to get there. The goals you begin to set for yourself today will guide your life in the beginning stages of identifying your true self. You start small with what you can accomplish today, then move into what you can get done in a month. The stepping stone goals lead into bigger things as you establish your good habits that lead into you understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes you are so reliant on your strengths that you hinder yourself from experiencing real growth because you are operating in your comfort zone. You are here now because you have hit a plateau and recognize that it is time to do something different. So now it is a matter of figuring out your direction in life so that you align your goals and vision to make your personal development impactful.

Identify your opportunities to grow: There is no such thing as too much focus on your skillset because ultimately that is what you use everyday as a part of your daily routine. Each year, or even each day for that matter should be an opportunity to reflect on how you spend your time. You already know how to operate in your strengths but sometimes you neglect the work you need to do to become more well-rounded. There are some external factors that are out of your control that present barriers to your growth. However, dealing with your internal factors is the work you have to do when you know you are not performing at your highest potential. Speaking in the positive about your weaknesses leads to you acknowledging what you need to do to create opportunities to grow that will eliminate threats to your continued progress. You have to be willing to be uncomfortable to experience growth and that is the missing link sometimes when you are complacent.

Create your action plan: Once you have adjusted your mindset to your impending change you must then get specific about what you want. The buzz word is SMART goals but what does that look like? Set your BIG THREE GOALS for the week because this helps you accomplish smaller tasks each day that take priority in your life. Your action plan must speak to your ultimate destination in life with specific steps you will take to begin to check things off of your list. Get an accountability partner that believes in your transformation and will offer you encouragement along the way. Realistically, facing your shortcomings was the push behind your change in the first place. You create this plan with the understanding that even when you feel like giving up, you have to stay the course to change the trajectory of your life to really maximize your skills and talents.

Remember that your plan can be adjusted: From week one to week 12, a full quarter of work is enough time to examine your progress. Do you need to regroup and redirect your energy? If you find that the plan you initially created for yourself is not getting you the desired results, it is perfectly fine to redo your plan. You may even find that what you initially thought you wanted to do is no longer of interest to you. Get yourself unstuck when you find that your personal development plan is not serving you any purpose. Your timeline may get shortened or extended depending on your productivity and after all the goal is to grow and truly take up space in your life differently than you have before. When your skills strengthen and your interests change, so should your plan of action.

Last note, remember things may change, but when you work on one goal at a time, you’ll be pleased to look back on where you started and realize that you have been putting in the work and it’s only up from here.


5 Principles of Personal Transformation

Once you have identified your path of personal transformation there are limiting beliefs that you have to work through in order to experience a full transformation. What you believe begins to translate into every part of your life and those beliefs slowly become the principles you stand on exhibit daily. Your identity hinges on your goals and capabilities, as well as celebrating progress along the way and accepting that transformation is a process. The principles you are about to read will resonate with you from this day forward and become part of your mindset.

1. Appreciate Your Success

There is no need to rush your success or not celebrate your small steps. Every step towards your ultimate goal should be celebrated because not only will you be motivated to do more but you’ll be so glad that you didn’t give up on yourself. Your love and adoration for yourself has to be stronger than the love and adoration you may receive from others. You have to be your biggest cheerleader and pump yourself up because when you begin to transform you may lose some people along the way. If others are not celebrating when you begin to live for you, then they never were rooting for you in the first place so you have to be okay with that.

Appreciating yourself is not arrogance. It’s self-love and understanding your worth. Once you begin to experience the happiness you deserve in your life, everyday will become an appreciation of your growth.

2. Learn Your Lessons

First and foremost, remember that it’s not how you start but how you finish and that is a lesson in itself. You are not working this hard to be in the same place next year or tomorrow for that matter. The lessons that you learn are tough and stripping because as you increase your awareness of what you know, the more vulnerable you become. Wear your vulnerability as a badge of honor because it takes guts to face yourself and learn from your mistakes. Everything will not go always as planned and some ideas in your life will be a complete bust, but understand that there is learning in failure. You have to learn to be okay with disappointment because failure is a part of life. Take from each situation that you experience what you can, and try not to dwell on things that are out of your control. You can correct your mistakes, regroup, and try again. That applies to everything in life, good or bad.

3. Adjust Your Limiting Beliefs

Wishful thinking is out of the door when it comes to chasing your dreams. You have to be bold about what you are pursuing and work diligently to change your current position. You have to speak life into your goals and not run from them at the first sign of trouble. Every step you take in the direction of your ambition will not be smooth sailing and you may even second guess your decision, but limiting yourself from trying will keep you in the cycle of giving up.

You owe it to yourself to do something different if you seek different results from the goals you set. You are capable of doing anything you set your mind to doing, but that is not to be confused with getting involved with things just because you can. You have the knowledge, expertise, years of experience, and skillset to adjust what you believe and fuel your passion. So stop settling for mediocrity. 

4. Live Your Values

You have to have a full shift in your mindset and be honest with yourself about what you want to change. Your personal values become your guiding principles as you conduct business, get promoted throughout your career, and for your overall growth as you begin to experience success by accomplishing your goals. You tell your family and friends about your experiences each day and they watch the excitement in your eyes. Don’t hold yourself back by censoring your thoughts because everyone does not value the same things as you. So to be clear, you should do a brain dump that highlights the joy that you experience in your life with your business, work, or personal endeavours.

5. Set and Track Your Top 5 Goals

Once you get real about the path you are on and the journey it takes to get you to your highest level of productivity, you’ll be more driven to set goals and work towards them. Every goal you set is a stepping stone towards your destiny and will only encourage you to strive for more. Being smart about the next top five things you want to accomplish will take extreme focus and dedication because at this point in your life you have decided that you want to experience change. See, when you set your new goals, your next step is a continuous plan of action to see everything through and staying true to what you desire.

It feels good when you are on top and being more productive than busy. Share your journey with me at or leave a comment.