The 3 Most Powerful Goal Setting Strategies

As you keep living there are many things you will learn about yourself that will help you as you pursue your goals. However, all too often you get so stubborn about your goals that you overwhelm yourself and give up.

Every New Year’s Eve you set new resolutions and go full steam ahead, strong for the first month and then pretty soon it’s Spring. You begin to look around and realize that you have not accomplished any of the goals that you set. You want to know why? It’s because you don’t have any strategy and you are just winging it. 

Winging it will not help you position yourself for the transformation you are seeking. Aside from knowing what you want to do based on your skillset, you need to implement strategies that will help you do exactly what you desire.

So let’s get into it!

1.Focus on what is top priority for your personal achievement.

The steps that you take during this phase of your journey will help you filter what takes precedence in your day to day. Regardless of the category of goals you’re focusing on in your life (business, career, personal), the truth of the matter is that you can only focus on what is directly in front of you.

Yes you may be able to master many skills in your life and check goals off of your list, but you will work through one goal at a time if you are smart. So don’t overwhelm yourself unnecessarily, and realize that accomplishing your goals takes time. Even when you reach certain milestones in your personal growth journey, there will be new ambitions in sight to work towards.

2. Meet your goals with intentional effort.

What is intentional effort you’re asking yourself right? The answer is to be more than just a mouthpiece talking about your goals, but actually carving out the time to work on them.

You can work on your goals during the crumbs of your day (in line at the grocery store, the lobby of the doctor’s office, waiting for your child’s extracurriculars to end). 

For example, when I decided to create, design, and launch my own goal setting planner, I worked with a coach for 9 weeks, twice a week to get my branding in order. It was a financial and time investment that helped me organize my message and content so that I don’t mislead my audience.

Each day you should be creating 3-4 non-negotiable tasks that will help you accomplish your goals because otherwise you overspoke your ability to execute.

Write your goals down. Create the plan. Execute the plan.

3. Set SMART Goals

The acronym SMART is universally known as the best way to go about goal setting. Of course when it is broken down it makes sense and before anything you must be 

SPECIFIC about the goals you set so that you avoid being too broad. What you hope to achieve should be clear in focus so that you can easily track your progress.

Having MEASURABLE goals puts your focus into perspective. How long will it take to accomplish your goals? Give yourself a real number value in weeks and/or months to measure your progress. 

Now the ATTAINABILITY aspect of your goals is important because your goals should fit your life and be something that you are capable of achieving. Your skillset is the key to your capabilities. 

You are living in the real world, you must also be REALISTIC about your goals and not set your standards and expectations above your reach. The last thing you should do is set an impossible goal which is why you must also set a deadline. 

A TIMED goal will give you the push you need to make sure you give your goals your best effort. Don’t be afraid to set a deadline because they are needed.

Edupreneruship Is Easy

If you looked at this post and said, “Man, she crazy.” You are absolutely correct.

In my case as an Edpreneur the lessons I have learned over the years is that building a brand takes time and has it share of challenges.

Like for instance the idea of abandoning another career. I know a lot of us still have a traditional career and work on our businesses part-time. The goal is to eventually run your business full time; it will happen, but plan for it.

The idea of walking away from a promising career is exciting, but financing your business ideas, products, and services is a factor to consider as well. This is not easy, and in some cases your first or second launch m fail. Don’t give up though, which is why building your network is necessary; even if you are an introvert. 

You have to be creative when. Funding your business, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, the right people will follow, support, and collaborate with you.

Teambuilding is another hurdle to tackle because you have to have people around your that understand the vision and voice of your brand. Now you will not have a team around you immediately but once you do it will be truly benefit the productivity of your business. Mine is a work in progress.

You are the person that sees your vision with clear eyes. You have to be aware of your competition because let’s face, there are plenty of people that do what I do, and what you do, but how will you stand out and make your name pop?! You will feel the pressure to create, create, create, but that is also fun when you are using your skillset and strengths to get things done.

Oh if you’re still reading you’ve realized I was just playing about entrepreneurship being easy. Even when you have great ideas, there is still an amount of uncertainty that comes with the territory. All you in business for RIGHT now or the LONG haul? It’s easier said than done, but the reality is the we all want to make an income while making an impact and that takes time.

Here’s another harsh reality. Being an entrepreneur is lonely. There are times where you can’t rely on others, and that’s okay. Everyone around you will not be as dedicated to your business as you are, and that is something that YOU have to work through. 

Let’s not forget about the overwhelming expectations of showing up for your brand and business consistently. When you are the boss you have to stick to the script and if you have a team, they have to abide by the rules. It’s all fun until you become the enforcers. It just is what it is.

Your mindset about your mission and vision make or break your authority in the market. Making intelligble decisions for your business is so hard. Once you hit one milestone, you have to continue to stretch your ideas and do what’s best as you continue to scale and position your business for success.

Listen, if you thought entrepreneurship was easy, these are some of the obstacles that you’ll definitely face. 

After reading this and you have a better understanding, thank you for attending my Ted Talk! 

Now back to your regular scheduled business.


5 Crucial Steps for a Powerful Personal Transformation

Personal development, business coaching, career success, and life changes are topics of discussion every single day but are getting the steps you need to make it happen? Well, look no further because I am about to give you the 5 Crucial Steps for a Powerful Personal Transformation that is sure to change your life.

Be Willing To Be Uncomfortable: Nothing grows from your comfort zone so when you are scared to try something new, that’s when you should strike. Waiting until you are ready to accomplish your goals, you will never move your feet. See the thing about goals that holds a lot of people up is the fear of failure. The reality is that you are going to fail at something at some point in your life. However, that failure is not your opportunity to bail on what you initially set out to do. When you make the necessary adjustments to your goals and plan of action, you gain clarity and can begin to see your goals all the way through. Anything worth having is going to take hard work.

Overnight success takes years, so be uncomfortable when you are trying something new because that is how you find your sweet spot then begin to operate in your strengths. It’s going to take trial and error before you master your skill set and even then it will be time to adjust and reinvent yourself. But for now, just try!

Learn From Others: Share your skills and talents with the people you are most in contact with that support your vision and dreams. You make your work look easy and when asked about your processes, don’t be afraid to open up. Each one teaches one, builds connections and opens doors that you could not have imagined. Being prosocial can get your name spoken highly in rooms and invitations to be a part of masterminds, simply because you shared.

You are capable of learning the same things: time management, organization, leadership, followership, and a host of other things. But do you know how to maximize your mastery of those skills? Now disclaimer, I am not a business or life coach, I just strongly believe in personal transformation and learning how to put yourself in positions to learn from others is a win/win.

Record Your Outcome: It is such a smart idea to put things in writing because it becomes stamped to your brain which causes you to remember. A journal, a notebook, or even a planner  is helpful when you track your progress so you can look back on your journey. It is so important to record and reflect on your personal transformation because your goals challenge you to be a better person and show up for yourself EVERY single day. Once you begin to check tasks off of your list, you will celebrate the steps you are taking and be glad that you kickstarted your transformation.

Be The Outcome: You will slip and fall many times in life but what’s most important is YOU STAND BACK UP! Once you take that initial step and monitor your progress, you set yourself up for longevity and setting new attainable goals because you are committed to the process. I know it’s scary but when you manifest your dreams and actually put in the work; you become the outcome.

Be Your Biggest Cheerleader: Before I joined a sorority, I was Me Phi Me, and that is the attitude you have to take to crush your goals. No it will not be easy and everyday will not be sunny, but there are going to be times you’ll have to block the distractions and do exactly what you said you would. Root for yourself! Clap for yourself even when the room is silent, and cheer louder for the people in the back to hear you as you GLAM up your life.

These six steps will help you push forward no matter what is  going on around you and keep you focused in your business, career, or personal life. 

This journey is personal, but YOU are worth it.


The G.L.A.M. Planner


I told myself that 2021 was going to be a different year. I knew I had to do things a little differently if I wanted to be successful in my business as an edupreneur, so I restructured a little bit.

My purpose became more clear when I got laser focused on the journey into entrepreneurship that I have take so far. I have attempted many things, books, teeshirts, and e-products, but nothing stood out quite like planning, creating and designing my own planner.

For the past 9 weeks, I showed up consistently to my coaching calls and created something that will add much value not only to my life but to many others as well.

It took some planning and patience, but it is truly happening and I had to share with ya’ll because I am so thankful to be in this place, CREATIVELY!

Where Will You Be In 6 Months

The G.L.A.M. Planner is your monthly guide to identifying your strengths and setting attainable goals that will promote your productivity. This planner represents the minimalist that’s ready for change and needs the steps that will encourage self-identity and capabilities.

The G.L.A.M. Planner is your reminder that you have the power to express gratitude along your life journey and accomplish your goals through affirmation and manifesting the life that you want.

The pre-sale registration is underway and there are some really great incentives attached to that you will not want to miss.

Attention to Detail Will Save You A Lot of Time

You have a systematic way of completing tasks in your day-to-day, whether you are working on your business, completing checklists for your career, or organizing your home. The amount of time you spend completing these things requires a certain amount of attention to ensure all of the details are taken care of. 

I can think back to when I was in basic training for the United States Air Force when we had learned certain duties like how to fold our bed, properly blouse our uniform pants, and march in formation. Those tasks were preparing us for inspections and our final march onto the field at graduation. At the age of 19, those things did not seem to hold as much value, and it was not until I was active duty Air Force and at my first duty station that it all made sense. Being taught not to rush and maintain a clean appearance paid off, which has had a lasting impact on how I approach tasks.

Your attention to detail is not only crucial when it comes to identifying your unique skill set but has a significant impact on your organizational skills and how you prioritize your time. When you list your skills, interests, and talents, you are paying particular attention to the order in which you write things down on paper. Only you know how well you can execute certain tasks and the details required to remain an expert in your field.

If you run an unorganized business, your customers will leave bad reviews, and if you are unorganized at work, your evaluators will provide you with less than favorable feedback for your efforts. The goal is to be more productive versus busy. If you are busy making mistakes because of your lack of attention to detail, you will spend time correcting your errors and costing yourself or even your employer time and resources down the road. 

When you enter the room, your personal brand should speak for you before you begin to work. Being thorough even on the smallest task carries a lot of weight when you are responsible for handling it. You exude your ability to pay attention to detail in what you say and, most importantly, in how efficiently you complete your duties.

You will need a keen sense of situational awareness when placing your energy and effort into the details that become expected of you. The increase in your individual productivity is in the details that you sometimes neglect with the mindset of having time to fix “it” later. The “it” now becomes a hindrance and distraction, which should be avoided as you circumvent being busy with producing intentional outcomes. The more efficient you are, the more valuable you become in the execution of your business, productivity in your career, and your overall personal transformation as you knock out goals in your life.

As you adjust your mindset to focus on the details and plan accordingly, the people around you will be influenced to do so as well. High-quality should never be compromised at the expense of taking shortcuts. You have already outlined your core values, so now you are tasked with leading by example the details that exemplify your skills, capabilities, and talents.