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LaTilya grew up loving to write and share her talents with her family and friends.  In school she was often questioned about her writing style and realized that she had a unique approach to expressing her ideas.  As she was completing her doctoral studies and birthing the idea of her first book, she realized that with some refinements, all things are possible.

PSB2 Publishing is LaTilya’s independent publishing company named as a tribute to her sons (Phillip Steven and Preston Sahir Bird).  She desires to leave a legacy for them to hold in high esteem as she works hard to build the company and her authentic brand.

In her day to day career, the author and creator of PSB2 Publishing is a full-time public school educator that takes time to focus on teacher mentorship and the help that is needed to sustain quality educators in the field.  She is set to release her second book, 12 Ways To Survive Your First Year of Teaching .


In this second book of educational revelations and real world approach, the author examines the frustrations of teaching and bridges the gap between experienced and new teachers to create a common ground for growth. The lighthearted approach to standard teaching practices creates a conversation needed as teacher turnover rates increase by the year, getting to the root of difficult truths of educational expectations, and the weight teachers carry as they shape the minds of the future.

LaTilya released her debut self-published book titled, My Fourth Year in Middle School: The Truth About Teaching July 2016.  Her debut book richly recalls the obstacles she faced teaching at-risk, African-American youth at a southern middle school for eight years.  This book centers around her experiences and lessons learned transitioning from active duty military service to becoming a  professional classroom teacher.


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In addition to being a boutique publishing company, PSB2 Publishing also offers academic writing and editing services.


Research: Dissertation Concept Paper (Approved by Nova Southeastern University)


The services to be provided include:

  • Formatting thesis/dissertation/paper/manuscript to University requirements
  • Typing thesis/dissertation/paper/manuscript (including format and edit);
  • Editing thesis/dissertation/paper/manuscript for grammar, punctuation, and spelling as requested;
  • Corrections to thesis/dissertation/paper/manuscript as needed

All inquiries about books, editing, and writing services can be sent to

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