About LaTilya Rashon


I am LaTilya Rashon, mother, author, traditional classroom teacher.  I love writing and telling my colorful life and classroom stories in my books and blog.  Going “LIVE” on social media, taking pictures, and sharing tips that I’ve learned over the years that help me persevere with my audience is what motivates me.

Pushing people rely on their strengths excites me

Currently I am employed as a high school educator in the Middle Georgia area, I am a “creative” maintaining my blog and promoting my ebooks at www.latilyarashon.selz.com

I have a mixture of experience that has shaped my life story from college dropout (University of Florida) to active duty military, and now striking out into entrepreneurship. My blog is enriched by my lifestyle, streamlined through my message of discipline, authenticity, and perseverance  (D.A.P.).  I am often misunderstood and judged in my life, so writing is my escape. Writing is my outlet from my busy day!

Through LaTilya Rashon I can touch the lives of readers everywhere as they read my blog with interesting stories based on my real life experiences and let those who share the same feelings know that they are not alone.