Edupreneruship Is Easy

If you looked at this post and said, “Man, she crazy.” You are absolutely correct.

In my case as an Edpreneur the lessons I have learned over the years is that building a brand takes time and has it share of challenges.

Like for instance the idea of abandoning another career. I know a lot of us still have a traditional career and work on our businesses part-time. The goal is to eventually run your business full time; it will happen, but plan for it.

The idea of walking away from a promising career is exciting, but financing your business ideas, products, and services is a factor to consider as well. This is not easy, and in some cases your first or second launch m fail. Don’t give up though, which is why building your network is necessary; even if you are an introvert. 

You have to be creative when. Funding your business, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, the right people will follow, support, and collaborate with you.

Teambuilding is another hurdle to tackle because you have to have people around your that understand the vision and voice of your brand. Now you will not have a team around you immediately but once you do it will be truly benefit the productivity of your business. Mine is a work in progress.

You are the person that sees your vision with clear eyes. You have to be aware of your competition because let’s face, there are plenty of people that do what I do, and what you do, but how will you stand out and make your name pop?! You will feel the pressure to create, create, create, but that is also fun when you are using your skillset and strengths to get things done.

Oh if you’re still reading you’ve realized I was just playing about entrepreneurship being easy. Even when you have great ideas, there is still an amount of uncertainty that comes with the territory. All you in business for RIGHT now or the LONG haul? It’s easier said than done, but the reality is the we all want to make an income while making an impact and that takes time.

Here’s another harsh reality. Being an entrepreneur is lonely. There are times where you can’t rely on others, and that’s okay. Everyone around you will not be as dedicated to your business as you are, and that is something that YOU have to work through. 

Let’s not forget about the overwhelming expectations of showing up for your brand and business consistently. When you are the boss you have to stick to the script and if you have a team, they have to abide by the rules. It’s all fun until you become the enforcers. It just is what it is.

Your mindset about your mission and vision make or break your authority in the market. Making intelligble decisions for your business is so hard. Once you hit one milestone, you have to continue to stretch your ideas and do what’s best as you continue to scale and position your business for success.

Listen, if you thought entrepreneurship was easy, these are some of the obstacles that you’ll definitely face. 

After reading this and you have a better understanding, thank you for attending my Ted Talk! 

Now back to your regular scheduled business.


Published by LaTilya Rashon

🦋Mother and Entrepreneur figuring this thing called life out and trusting the process🦋

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