The G.L.A.M. Planner


I told myself that 2021 was going to be a different year. I knew I had to do things a little differently if I wanted to be successful in my business as an edupreneur, so I restructured a little bit.

My purpose became more clear when I got laser focused on the journey into entrepreneurship that I have take so far. I have attempted many things, books, teeshirts, and e-products, but nothing stood out quite like planning, creating and designing my own planner.

For the past 9 weeks, I showed up consistently to my coaching calls and created something that will add much value not only to my life but to many others as well.

It took some planning and patience, but it is truly happening and I had to share with ya’ll because I am so thankful to be in this place, CREATIVELY!

Where Will You Be In 6 Months

The G.L.A.M. Planner is your monthly guide to identifying your strengths and setting attainable goals that will promote your productivity. This planner represents the minimalist that’s ready for change and needs the steps that will encourage self-identity and capabilities.

The G.L.A.M. Planner is your reminder that you have the power to express gratitude along your life journey and accomplish your goals through affirmation and manifesting the life that you want.

The pre-sale registration is underway and there are some really great incentives attached to that you will not want to miss.

Published by LaTilya Rashon

🦋Mother and Entrepreneur figuring this thing called life out and trusting the process🦋

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