Attention to Detail Will Save You A Lot of Time

You have a systematic way of completing tasks in your day-to-day, whether you are working on your business, completing checklists for your career, or organizing your home. The amount of time you spend completing these things requires a certain amount of attention to ensure all of the details are taken care of. 

I can think back to when I was in basic training for the United States Air Force when we had learned certain duties like how to fold our bed, properly blouse our uniform pants, and march in formation. Those tasks were preparing us for inspections and our final march onto the field at graduation. At the age of 19, those things did not seem to hold as much value, and it was not until I was active duty Air Force and at my first duty station that it all made sense. Being taught not to rush and maintain a clean appearance paid off, which has had a lasting impact on how I approach tasks.

Your attention to detail is not only crucial when it comes to identifying your unique skill set but has a significant impact on your organizational skills and how you prioritize your time. When you list your skills, interests, and talents, you are paying particular attention to the order in which you write things down on paper. Only you know how well you can execute certain tasks and the details required to remain an expert in your field.

If you run an unorganized business, your customers will leave bad reviews, and if you are unorganized at work, your evaluators will provide you with less than favorable feedback for your efforts. The goal is to be more productive versus busy. If you are busy making mistakes because of your lack of attention to detail, you will spend time correcting your errors and costing yourself or even your employer time and resources down the road. 

When you enter the room, your personal brand should speak for you before you begin to work. Being thorough even on the smallest task carries a lot of weight when you are responsible for handling it. You exude your ability to pay attention to detail in what you say and, most importantly, in how efficiently you complete your duties.

You will need a keen sense of situational awareness when placing your energy and effort into the details that become expected of you. The increase in your individual productivity is in the details that you sometimes neglect with the mindset of having time to fix “it” later. The “it” now becomes a hindrance and distraction, which should be avoided as you circumvent being busy with producing intentional outcomes. The more efficient you are, the more valuable you become in the execution of your business, productivity in your career, and your overall personal transformation as you knock out goals in your life.

As you adjust your mindset to focus on the details and plan accordingly, the people around you will be influenced to do so as well. High-quality should never be compromised at the expense of taking shortcuts. You have already outlined your core values, so now you are tasked with leading by example the details that exemplify your skills, capabilities, and talents.


Published by LaTilya Rashon

🦋Mother and Entrepreneur figuring this thing called life out and trusting the process🦋

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