A Glimpse Into the Past 6 Months

In June I revived my print on demand Teeshirts and y’all showed out🤗 which pushed me forward to do more. Please keep being DOPE EVERYDAY👏🏽

July: I invested in some business coaching and and partook is a business bootcamp. Learned some new things but something was still missing from my package. I kept digging as I kept what helped and started creating and trusting my ability.

August: I stepped into the unfamiliar but I’m thankful. I hosted my first virtual workshop back in August and it gave me the push that I needed to keep dreaming of building a profitable business.

We covered the basics of a Bitmoji classroom:

1. Understanding the bitmoji add-ons for google

2. Step by Step guide for creating your beginner Bitmoji Classroom using Google Slides

3. Linking your bitmoji classroom to your existing technology resources

My teacher friends trusted me to help solve a problem as we all returned to school this pandemic year. All in all it was a great workshop and my heart was full of excitement for more within the Dr. LaTilya Rashon platform. See I relied on my skillset which helps me operate in my strengths while also forging my weaknesses.

September: I did a FREE 3 Day goal setting challenge because I was trying to still figure some stuff out… I teach and help students, so can I be effective with adults🧐 it was another first👩🏽‍🏫 Stick with me. There’s a point to my series.The G.L.A.M. Collective⤵️

Private Group Here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1280455785494019/?ref=share

October: I decided to launch the DOPE Goals Starter Pack. I am a firm believer in journaling. It is self-care and writing daily gratitude, life reflections, affirmations, and manifestations push you towards your purpose. You all supported yet another idea which helped mold and layout my current venture.Everything is not for everyone. Everyone is not my target audience, so the DOPE Goals Starter Pack was right on time for the people that heard me differently.

November…I’m not done… so I had the idea to do another class because I didn’t want to be a one hit wonder with content creation. I’m passionate about GOAL SETTING in case you can’t tell by now. I want you to Take Up SPACE. I created the landing and sales page. Updated my workbook Unlock Your Mind:The Essential Guide to Setting Attainable Goals. I’m figuring things out, however you have to want change to begin your transformation. I mentor. I answer question. I get my brain picked. But my goals aren’t your goals which is why I help you figure yours out.Learn More: https://msha.ke/latilyarashon/

December and January I embarked on a creative journey. I decided that I wanted to create my own productivity planner geared towards goal setting. I Invested in some coaching because something was still missing business wise. I didn’t get this tenacity by chance. I wanted a better life as a kid so setting GOALS was my only choice. In 2021 I am walking by FAITH, not by sight.

The first quarter of 2021 has been eye-opening and I’m feeling so good about the direction that my business is headed. Being an entrepreneur is not easy and I have definitely failed over the years. I started this business journey in 2016 and I have had to give myself a lot of grace. I have cried and I have felt like giving up over the years, but which second thought I realize that I am pushing towards my purpose.

Please leave a comment telling about a time when you’ve have be disciplined and persevere through self-doubt. Each one, teach one.


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🦋Mother and Entrepreneur figuring this thing called life out and trusting the process🦋

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