5 Steps to Goal Setting

You have to know which direction you want to go in life in order to be the best you that you strive to be. It’s not easy running yourself into the ground then realizing you still have not made the progress you want to make. It has been said that the things you spend the majority of your time on is what you care about the most, so in turn why not spend time carving out goals that fit your future and not your past. After all, it’s time to make a change in your life when you’ve done the same things the same way in your life and have not got your desired results. So walk with me through the five steps to goal setting.

Set Goals Based on Your Motivated Interests

The vision that you have for your life is for you. You don’t have to explain the moves that you make as long as you are satisfied with them. Ultimately you are motivated by your skills, interests, and talents; so your goals are a reflection of your personal needs. Whether you are setting stepping stone goals because you are seeking a transformation in a certain area of your life or long term goals, be clear on your top 5 goals and stay motivated. Listen, you are responsible for making things happen in your life, so take accountability for your goals and don’t give up at the first sign of difficulty.

Set SMART Goals

The acronym SMART is universally known as the best way to go about goal setting. Of course when it is broken down it makes sense and before anything you must be SPECIFIC about the goals you set so that you avoid being too broad. What you hope to achieve should be clear in focus so that you can easily track your progress. Having MEASURABLE goals puts your focus into perspective. How long will it take to accomplish your goals? Give yourself a real number value in weeks and/or months to measure your progress. Now the ATTAINABILITY aspect of your goals is important because your goals should fit your life and be something that you are capable of achieving. Your skillset is the key to your capabilities. 

You are living in the real world, you must also be REALISTIC about your goals and not set your standards and expectations above your reach. The last thing you should do is set an impossible goal which is why you must also set a deadline. A TIMED goal will give you the push you need to make sure you give your goals your best effort. Don’t be afraid to set a deadline because they are needed.

Write Down Your Goals

Science says that when you put something in writing it commutes to your brain which causes you to remember. A journal, a notebook, or even a planner and picture your higher self and show up for your goals EVERY single day. Once you begin to check objectives and tasks off of your list, you will celebrate the steps you are taking and be glad that you kickstarted your transformation.

Put a Plan in Action

Decide for yourself what is the path for setting your goals and put that plan into action. Once you have identified your unique skill set, prioritize your goals by your strengths that way you feel extra motivated because you know who you are and your capabilities. 3-5 small tasks daily will feed into your overall list of big goals that you have set for yourself. The good thing about having a plan is that you have a foundation and you are allowed to make adjustments as necessary.

Work the Plan

The hardest part about setting new goals is the discomfort you feel as you push past your comfort zone. When things get too rough, you have the tendency to give up not realizing that the finish line is near. Usually things get harder around you before it gets better. Give yourself some grace and know that everyday will not be easy because LIFE happens.


Stop putting off until tomorrow what you can get done today.

It feels good when you are on top and being more productive than busy. Share your journey with me at @getrightwithdoc@latilyarashon.com or leave a comment.

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