You Should Brag About Yourself, and Do It Often!

Your personal brand is an extension of your accomplishments throughout your life. Whether you are focused on your business and want it to grow, your advancements in your career, or personal goals you have set for yourself, at each turn you are able to cross an accomplishment or task off of your list. 

People often dream of the things that they want to do and never quite put in the effort to get things done. However, you have to take a step back and look over your life, you’ll begin to realize that you have a lot to be celebrated. When I joined the Air Force back in 2001 one of the first things they told us as young airmen was to write down everything that we did outside of work. Essentially we were guided to create our brag sheet so when it was time to write our annual evaluations, our supervisors did not have to steer far from the script. They could use our accomplishments, extracurriculars, and words to write glowing reviews of our performance over the year.

In your life right now as you journey through it you should take inventory of who you are and represent, the places you have been, the education you have acquired, your personal achievements, and last but not least what you stand for. 

You may not have considered this yourself, but you have your own brag bank and when you keep in mind how to transfer your skills from task to task, you become more marketable. Keeping things into perspective when you create your core values, you also have to see where you have placed importance in your life. For the most part we focus our attention on our business, career and personal life, so why not brag about yourself. You have way more going for you than you give yourself credit for so let’s get into it.

What Do You Represent? Example: Mom, Educator, Entrepreneur, etc.

The roles you play in your life become a part of your character, personality, and what you represent. You can be a mother, but that is not your only purpose in life, nor the only demographic you are connected to. Mothers are often characterized as being nurturers, caretakers, and that extends beyond your immediate family. As a working mother, a military mom, or a business mom; you have goals outside of your home that you aspire to reach that build your daily resume and existence. 

You are not limited in what you represent which has been defined by the core values you have set for yourself. 

The Places You Have Been? Based on your business, career, and personal life.

Being exposed to different cultures, people, places, and things based on where you have been is something to brag about. Taking the initiative to visit business events and networking helps you gain connections with people that think the same as you. It is important to your growth and influence when you visit other places to give you perspective. 

Traveling as a part of your career, especially as a member of management or even military travel gives you experience in working with diverse groups of people. You strengthen your skill set when you are able to work collaboratively with others in places outside of your normal work place. Being invited or even assigned places to go builds versatility to your experience and your brag bank.

Limited exposure outside of your normal day to day is a threat to your productivity. Sometimes you can get stuck if you are only around the same people, places and things that it

impedes your ability to make an impression. You need to be around other people to gain awareness of your strengths and weaknesses as you push past your comfort zone. So keep track of the places you have visited and take note of how they have left a lasting impact on your life.

What Have You Accomplished? Education, Marriage, Dream Job, etc.

Don’t ever let someone tell you that your education or your marriage certificate is a piece of paper. You have worked hard to establish your family when you walk down the aisle and exchange vows, just as you have written endless papers to obtain your degree. It is polarizing to think that your accomplishments will not be celebrated which is why you should keep track of your successes. What you have accomplished becomes a part of your story and your personal brand. Little stepping goals lead into major moves when you level up in your business, career, and your personal life. Your accomplishments tell pieces of who you are before you begin to speak. It ‘s not being boastful to share your trials as you accomplished different tasks and objectives. You are being helpful because people want to know how you have been able to do the things you do. Your humility is not in staying quiet about how hard you work. Your humbleness is rooted in your ability to share the times you felt you could not go on, but you refused to give up. That is not only a braggable moment, but a teachable moment as well.

What Do You Stand For? Beliefs and Your Faith

There is a fine line when discussing your belief system with others because varied opinions can cause conflict. However, standing firm in your convictions is a part of your identity and how you are approached and perceived. The good book says that a righteous man falls down seven times but stands up eight (Proverbs 24:16). You have to have that same faith when you are building your brag bank because it will come with challenges.

What you represent will be questioned and picked apart by people that do not understand your journey. The places you visit will become more interesting because they are aligned with your purpose. And your accomplishments will have more meaning as you build beyond your stepping stone goals to your lifelong dreams. As you begin to live on purpose and transfer your goals and capabilities; your self-identity will expand and define what you stand for, believe, and have faith in. So begin to reflect on the things you acquire in your life and their influence on your character. You have a lot to brag about even when you think it’s small, it really is a big deal.

Published by LaTilya Rashon

🦋Mother and Entrepreneur figuring this thing called life out and trusting the process🦋

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