The Four Types of Goals

You run into people in your lifetime that will tell you to just do the things you’ve always wanted to do without giving you some insight or direction on how to conquer your fears. It takes knowing who you are and what you are good at to set yourself up for success. Your success depends on the types of goals you set for yourself, so let’s get into.

Type 1: Stepping Stone Goals

This is the first type of goal you set when you decide that you are ready to do something different in your life. The hamster wheel has come to a stop and now you are ready to get different results in your life. Whether you are ready to change your outcome in your business, career, or personal life, making the decision to commit to change is a big deal. There is a reason you have come to the conclusion that change is needed and it could be that you are tired of being in the same place in your life. See comparison is the thief of joy, so understand that your first step is not going to be the same step that someone decides to take. As with anything that you do, you have to be patient with yourself and process and not rush the things you want to last in your life. Your personal transformation starts here with identifying your why and need for change then set attainable goals that are grounded in your core values. Now is the time to operate in what you do well and set small goals that will impact the areas of your life that you want to improve.

As you set your stepping stone goal, envision the outcome to desire. 

Do you want to forge your strengths to be more productive in your business, career, and in your day to day life?

 Are you seeking change and ready to develop a personal development plan? 

Are you ready to transform your life so that you can stop procrastinating? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, that is the first step and you are ready to dig deep and do the worth and carve the path for your transformation.

Type 2: Short Term Goals

The second goal to become well versed in setting, are short term goals. These goals won’t take you long to accomplish and in most cases are goals that can be accomplished in a short period. Typically when you set short term goals, you prioritize what needs to be done immediately and what can be stretched out over time. Your daily tasks build into your weekly objectives that pave the way for your guided success. As you set your goals you must be cognizant of how long certain things will take. Having a monthly or quarterly focus will help you knock out those smaller tasks that you will build your future goals and aspirations from. In your new quest to enhance your life, you can have a big picture in mind but dealing with what you can handle right now will keep you from becoming overwhelmed.

It does not matter what month you decide you want to work on a particular focus in your life, but setting clear 30, 60, or even 90 days worth of intentions will help you manifest the work you are putting in. Chunking your ideas and breaking them down into controllable parts will help you accomplish way more than have a long list that would cause you to have anxiety. When you set a short, attainable goal, you’re more likely to see your personal transformation all the way through and trust your process.

It may be annoying to people who aren’t ready, but when you ask someone where do you see yourself in the next year? Or the next five years? That is stressful. Your psyche is not able to handle long range thinking and that is one of the reasons some many of you give up on your dreams. However, long term goals are essential to your growth because they help you plan out your life once you start maximizing your unique skill set and become a person that is knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Type 3: Long Term Goals

It’s easy to reach your goals when you carefully plan your next steps and know exactly what it takes to propel your business, career, and personal life. Once you take that initial step and monitor your progress, you set yourself up for longevity and setting new attainable goals because you are committed to the process. As mentioned, establishing your core values early in your personal transformation, keeps you driven and operating in your purpose, and capable of getting your tasks and objectives done. A business certification, degree from a college, or even a promotion may take in excess of a year but knowing what you want and taking it a day at time will surely help you reach your personal level of success.

Type 4: Lifelong Goals

You really become focused on what you want when you are putting in the work. Creating the life you want to live takes planning and effort and your life long goal should always involve being more productive versus busy. Your mind will change many times as you are pursuing your dreams and that is okay. Having a plan and learning how to be flexible is all about your growth and readjusting becomes easier because you have a foundation. Lifelong goals will always help you stay determined to see your ambitions through as you look back over where you started and the progress you have made.

Envisioning your future career, obtaining advanced degrees, prioritizing your goals based on your family and faith adds value to your personal brand as you continue to excel in multiple area of your life. You can’t reach this point of organizing your life and structuring your goals until you decide which path you are going to take. You also need to remember that your journey is unique and will not look like the people around you. You must run your own race the SMART way as you continue to check things off of your list.It feels good when you are on top and being more productive than busy. Share your journey with me at or leave a comment.


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