5 Principles of Personal Transformation

Once you have identified your path of personal transformation there are limiting beliefs that you have to work through in order to experience a full transformation. What you believe begins to translate into every part of your life and those beliefs slowly become the principles you stand on exhibit daily. Your identity hinges on your goals and capabilities, as well as celebrating progress along the way and accepting that transformation is a process. The principles you are about to read will resonate with you from this day forward and become part of your mindset.

1. Appreciate Your Success

There is no need to rush your success or not celebrate your small steps. Every step towards your ultimate goal should be celebrated because not only will you be motivated to do more but you’ll be so glad that you didn’t give up on yourself. Your love and adoration for yourself has to be stronger than the love and adoration you may receive from others. You have to be your biggest cheerleader and pump yourself up because when you begin to transform you may lose some people along the way. If others are not celebrating when you begin to live for you, then they never were rooting for you in the first place so you have to be okay with that.

Appreciating yourself is not arrogance. It’s self-love and understanding your worth. Once you begin to experience the happiness you deserve in your life, everyday will become an appreciation of your growth.

2. Learn Your Lessons

First and foremost, remember that it’s not how you start but how you finish and that is a lesson in itself. You are not working this hard to be in the same place next year or tomorrow for that matter. The lessons that you learn are tough and stripping because as you increase your awareness of what you know, the more vulnerable you become. Wear your vulnerability as a badge of honor because it takes guts to face yourself and learn from your mistakes. Everything will not go always as planned and some ideas in your life will be a complete bust, but understand that there is learning in failure. You have to learn to be okay with disappointment because failure is a part of life. Take from each situation that you experience what you can, and try not to dwell on things that are out of your control. You can correct your mistakes, regroup, and try again. That applies to everything in life, good or bad.

3. Adjust Your Limiting Beliefs

Wishful thinking is out of the door when it comes to chasing your dreams. You have to be bold about what you are pursuing and work diligently to change your current position. You have to speak life into your goals and not run from them at the first sign of trouble. Every step you take in the direction of your ambition will not be smooth sailing and you may even second guess your decision, but limiting yourself from trying will keep you in the cycle of giving up.

You owe it to yourself to do something different if you seek different results from the goals you set. You are capable of doing anything you set your mind to doing, but that is not to be confused with getting involved with things just because you can. You have the knowledge, expertise, years of experience, and skillset to adjust what you believe and fuel your passion. So stop settling for mediocrity. 

4. Live Your Values

You have to have a full shift in your mindset and be honest with yourself about what you want to change. Your personal values become your guiding principles as you conduct business, get promoted throughout your career, and for your overall growth as you begin to experience success by accomplishing your goals. You tell your family and friends about your experiences each day and they watch the excitement in your eyes. Don’t hold yourself back by censoring your thoughts because everyone does not value the same things as you. So to be clear, you should do a brain dump that highlights the joy that you experience in your life with your business, work, or personal endeavours.

5. Set and Track Your Top 5 Goals

Once you get real about the path you are on and the journey it takes to get you to your highest level of productivity, you’ll be more driven to set goals and work towards them. Every goal you set is a stepping stone towards your destiny and will only encourage you to strive for more. Being smart about the next top five things you want to accomplish will take extreme focus and dedication because at this point in your life you have decided that you want to experience change. See, when you set your new goals, your next step is a continuous plan of action to see everything through and staying true to what you desire.

It feels good when you are on top and being more productive than busy. Share your journey with me at @getrightwithdoc@latilyarashon.com or leave a comment.

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🦋Mother and Entrepreneur figuring this thing called life out and trusting the process🦋

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