3 Active Practices that Will Make Your Life Better

You may feel like life is not happening to you right now with everything that is going on around you, but I guarantee you that it is. Looking over the past year there has been a lot of uncertainty but you have made it this far and I want to encourage you along.

See I learned a long time ago that it’s not how you start but how you finish and that applies to every endeavor you take on. So as you wrap up 2020 here are three things that will help make 2021 the year of manifestation and personal growth.

The first active practice you need to adopt is goal setting. You can not get by in life just winging it and hoping for success. You have to decide that you are tired of getting the same results and begin to be intentional with your time and focus. You have to say that I want more in life and set small stepping stone goals to push you into the direction of your dreams. That sounds like a lofty idea, but being specific but about what you truly want out of life is how you get not only what you want but also what you need. You can begin to take small steps each day to map out the ultimate plan for your life but you also have to commit to the goals you set for yourself.

It won’t be easy as you begin to shed the layers off of your comfort zone but it will be worth it as you see the realistic value goal setting brings to your life.

The second active practice you should consider is speaking affirmations. The Bible tells us that, “Life or death is in the power of the tongue.” (Proverbs 18:21) Whether you believe in a higher being, one thing is for sure, you must speak life into your dreams. Your self-talk sets the atmosphere for you to program your mind towards progress and not focusing on the mistakes.

By no means am I suggesting that you will not see difficult times. I’m merely saying that you have to allow your mind to be stronger than your feelings when you run into issues. Tell yourself that:

I am worthy.

I am enough.

I have the power to change your story.

I can create the life of your dreams.

I deserve a beautiful life.

Reset yourself each day with your words. Walk it like you talk it. Speak it as if you already have it.

This may all seem like common sense but unless you already practice these things, this is a scary awakening to someone getting started.

Lastly, you should begin to practice daily gratitude. Self-reflection is a positive attribute to add to your arsenal when you are fighting against staying stagnant. It is easy to beat yourself up when things are going wrong and your plans do not go off without a hitch. However, it is possible to find the silver lining and be grateful for your progress. See if you never begin, you’ll never look back and see how far you have come.

I say this often in real life, “If you want better, you’ll do better. And when you know better, you do better.” Again, this is common knowledge but if you lacked in your goal setting abilities, now is the time to stop putting off until tomorrow what you can do today. Wake up each day and speak life to affirm your dreams. I want you to see how your growth impacts your life and be grateful for your challenges because as long as you are trying, the results will begin to pay off.


Published by LaTilya Rashon

🦋Mother and Entrepreneur figuring this thing called life out and trusting the process🦋

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