3 Paths to Personal Transformation

When you think about your personal transformation, do not limit that idea to your physical appearance. Oftentimes we get caught up with what it looks like on the outside that we forget to do some work on the inside. I say this time and time again but focusing on the areas of improvement in your life takes courage, and doing the work takes strength. So where do we begin?

Path 1: Goals

You must decide that you want better and the only way to decide which direction you want to take with your life is to set some attainable and realistic goals. Examining the areas of your life that you feel most vulnerable is the best place to start and you set a goal that will exercise your individual skills and strengths. Being highly capable to complete tasks, lead, and be a team player can be used to your advantage with the right push.

Think about how you go to the store and find the things that you like, you must do the same thing with your skills and talents in order to create opportunities to grow. If your goal is a stepping stone to bigger and better things, then so be it. Ultimately, you work up to short and long term goals, then finally goals of a lifetime. However you have to pick a starting point before reaching your final destination and even then you will continue to make adjustments.

Path 2: Capability

You have probably heard the saying, “Just because you can doesn’t mean that you should.”

This can be applied to a lot of situations in your life and you have to be careful about what you say you can do because even though you are capable, is IT aligned with your purpose? Imposter syndrome is real! I’m not talking about being inspired by others, I’m talking about people going out and doing the exact thing as someone else. Don’t let that be you.

You become capable of completing different tasks when you apply your skills and will, but you have to have heart for what you take on in your personal life. Avoid doing things and being an empty vessel just because you are capable of doing so. Do things within your capability that will share who you are with others, and help them in the process.

Path 3: Self-Identity

The advantage you have is the ability to reinvent your business, career, and personal life when your goals are not aligned with your newly found purpose. Who you are at different stages in your life matters because experience shapes your belief systems and core values.

In your business if you have one, you are the creator and that is an attribute to your self-identity. In your career, your duties and responsibility identify your skill set and competitive position in the workplace, however in your personal life, expectations you have for yourself and what others often see in you become a part of your self-identity as well. So use each business and career decision to boost productiveness in your personal life and continue to evolve.

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The three paths do not come or change in any particular order but they are the push to transforming into a better you. Opening yourself up to change is challenging yet rewarding and worth it when you begin to experience life in a different way. The journey is personal but a necessity.


Published by LaTilya Rashon

🦋Mother and Entrepreneur figuring this thing called life out and trusting the process🦋

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