Why Identifying Your Purpose Is So Important

I get asked all of the time what keeps me going. Compassion and dedication are part of my personal drive. Everyday will definitely not be perfect and in the many seasons of your life you have to decide are you more dedicated to succeed or fail. I hope you choose success.

Choosing success in your life is why identifying your purpose is so important.

When you make the conscious decision to examine where you have placed your effort and energy it changes how you approach your life. The things you can decidedly brag about that make your life worth living is the manifestation of your compassion. For example, your family, career, education, goals and aspirations play a major role in the growth you experience in life. Avoiding contentment keeps your life full because you recognize that you have plenty to brag for your personal affirmation and growth, not so much as to throw it in anyone’s face that you are doing good for yourself.

As you reflect on your identity which is a part of your personal brand in your business, career, and personal life; people accept you for who you authentically are and you don’t have anything else to prove. This includes the places you’ve been, your education and accomplishments, as well as the help you are to the people around you.

Your compassion for life and dedication to living life to the fullest helps you take a stand for what you believe in and where you want to put your effort and energy.

For the women that have dealt with divorce and depression, I can relate.

For business minded women that have ideas but need clear direction on how to start, I can relate.

For aspiring authors that want to write and struggle with getting their ideas on paper; just start writing because finished is better than perfect. I can tell you all about that journey of ebooks and my dissertation, so start WRITING!

For those with the fear of speaking, you have a story to tell, so open your mouth and start talking because your story will help somebody heal and find their purpose in life.

For the doubter because life has dealt you a bad hand from time to time; keep believing in yourself because your time will surely come.

Now if you have a hard time with committing to the work, I have a class specifically geared towards you unlocking your mind and deciding that you want to enhance your life and build it around the things you are passionate about.

We’re approaching a new year and while 2020 was not all bad you should choose now 2021 will be better. Once you unlock your mind and begin to operate in your power, you will stop wasting time on things that do not enhance your growth.

If you want this course and the templates that will jumpstart your 2021, click here for details.


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🦋Mother and Entrepreneur figuring this thing called life out and trusting the process🦋

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