4 Ways to Unlock Your Mind

Goals– Each day when you wake up, you are given the opportunity to be better than you were the day before. Deciding what you need to handle in your life on a business, career, and personal level, means setting a course of action you plan to follow.

You have a short list of objectives that you need to accomplish and your overarching long term goals that you want to check off of your list. There are three to five tasks that you can do daily that will get your closer to your dreams, it’s just a matter or prioritizing your time to get you tasks done. What do you need to do immediately? What needs to be done, but is not detrimental to your overall goal? Backwards planning is beneficial when you give yourself time.

When setting your goals, is your timeline based on a week, month, or a year? However, your time is set or block, give yourself a break and be flexible as your work on your self-improvement. Block off your time to handle your business. In an hour, 45, or even 30 minutes of intentional focus a day, you can change your life and stay committed to your goals. Remember to be smart when you set your goals and give yourself some grace on those day you feel less motivated to work on you. Plan your life according to how you want to live and break it down into short tasks you can accomplish each day.

Affirmation– Watch your words because they become your actions is so true. Talk to yourself like you matter and watch the universe return good favor to you. Be mindful if your self-talk because you will believe what you repeatedly say.

Wake up and affirm yourself daily. Tell yourself that you believe in yourself even on your bad days because encouragement and a smile will take you further than you expected. Life or death is in the power of the tongue so speak life into your business, career, and personal dreams. Speak things as though they are and you will reap the benefits of what you seek.

Personal Development– Your faith plays a major role in how far you will carry out your dreams. As a business owner you study your industry and your competition to find your sweet spot and thrive in it. In your career you study the trends and skillsets needed to become competitive in the work place in order to take your career to the next level. Lastly, in your personal life whether it’s inspirational, motivational, or spiritual, we all need some uplifting daily. You have to learn to be more mindful of what you take in each day that feeds your mind. Your thoughts become your actions, and your actions become your habits. So get into the habit of studying how to make yourself better in your business, career, and personal life to experience a full transformation.

Reading a book, listening to a podcasts, watching a video, or participating in an email course is designed to meet the area of need that you are seeking. You can share or not share your personal development with people around you because ultimately this is a private matter. Having faith that your time and rebirth will happen is all that matters. You depend on you. So get your mindset right and do everything that you are destined to do.

Gratitude– Everyday will not be perfect but when you are grateful for what you have and what you have experienced, life becomes beautiful. Each day when you wake up, you have another opportunity to be better than you were the day before. You can hope for a better life, but each day that you decide to keep trying, you are making the decision to be better. We often get into the habit of rushing ourselves because of what everybody is doing around us that we miss out on the opportunities that we can create for ourselves.

You should get into the habit of being present in the moments that bring joy to your life. Each day your only competition is yourself. Thankfulness is a whole mood and once you arrive to place of protecting your peace daily, the gratitude you begin to experience what is there instead of the invincible.


Published by LaTilya Rashon

🦋Mother and Entrepreneur figuring this thing called life out and trusting the process🦋

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