Measure Your Progress Towards Your Goals

I have to say being back to work and pursuing my dream to be my own boss I am walking it like I talk as I share how I’m working on creating daily value so that I experience life versus simply existing.

There comes a time when we not only have to prioritize our goals but we have to be SMART about it. We got specific last week because that is the first step to successfully completing your goals. The second step is measuring your progress. 

So let’s continue on this journey of creating SMART goals together.  Are you ready? Let’s talk about Measuring Your Progress

Examine your list of goals and aspirations. If you have not created a list for yourself, I suggest that you do because you have to hold yourself accountable for your dreams. It’s your responsibility and you determine the amount of time it will take for you to complete certain tasks. For example, going off to college people estimate that they will graduate in four years, but sometimes that fifth year is needed to perhaps meet all requirements and boost their GPA prior to applying to graduate school. 

Whether it’ll take you one month or one year to cross some things off of your list, you should have in your mind how long you envision completing certain tasks. If you see that some of your objectives are taking longer to complete, don’t give up. The beauty in this is that you can make adjustments.

Look at your goal one: You may say I want to be healthier. So does that mean you will work out x number of days and change your diet? What adjustment do you need to make to reach your healthier goal? How much time are you giving yourself to see the results?  You can measure that progress from week to week and month to month. But you must be definitive.

Stay the course and accomplish what you can. Remember that everything worth having will not always s come easy. 

Whether it’s a task or an objective the specificity and measurability of your goal begins when you speak it into the atmosphere. 

Life is in the power of the tongue. So as you write down your goals be clear and measure your progress by the short tasks you have completed based on the priority they have towards your ultimate goal. As I said last week if your vision is not clear to you, it won’t translate well and you will risk becoming counterproductive resulting in no progress being made at all.

Remember things may change, but when you work on one goal at a time, you’ll be pleased to look back on where you started and realize that you have been putting in the work and it’s only up from here.

Continue to speak life into your dreams and step into your authority to make it happen.

We’ve gotten SPECIFIC now we are about to MEASURE OUR PROGRESS.

Check back next week as I share with you how we will determine if our goals are attainable.


Published by LaTilya Rashon

🦋Mother and Entrepreneur figuring this thing called life out and trusting the process🦋

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