35 Random Thoughts on the Eve of my 35th Birthday


I’m sitting here under my chocolate, velvet throw blanket on this gloomy day one day before my birthday.  Tomorrow is MY National Holiday and I have the most random, sincere, thought-provoking and heartbreaking thoughts running through my mind.

35. The holidays have seemed to go by in a blur since 2009.

34. This is the first Christmas that my children have gone without seeing their father. (I’m sure someone will make sure to tell on me for this one… good for you!)

33.  My children really do have everything they could ever ask for…go karts don’t count because they had gas powered four wheelers when they much younger (like 5 and 7)

32.  How is the world did I manage to forget to renew my driver’s license the day before my birthday.

31.  My husband’s problems overshadowed my graduation in June… I got my Doctorate, he lost his job shortly after.

30. One of my older cousins was murdered Mother’s Day weekend…we weren’t close but my mom was one of his favorite aunt’s.

29. It took me five years to complete my degree…Doctor of Education…I’m so damn proud of myself.

28. I self-published my first book and what an experience that has been.  I’m proud of myself.

27. My babies are growing up…Lil Phil will be 13 in March, I’m not ready.

26. Preston is going to be in the 6th grade next school term; I am going to cry my eyes out…he’s my heartbeat.

25.  I’m ready to transition into Higher Education…

24.  One day I have got to make it to Jamaica…that is my dream trip. (Who’s going with me?)

23.  I got so focused on someone else that I forgot to keep my “star player” in check…#LIFELESSON

22.  I decided that I really like Patron…Anejo (the orange box)…it’s so smooth

21.  I need a new hobby…I’m considering couponing (my children eat a lot)

20.  I binge watched the third season of Power and it was alright, Angela really upset by turning on Ghost in the end… I blame Tommy!

19. I really have been living separately from HIM since July…trying to support his job opportunities.  Now it’s a permanent separation! (Someone else will tell on me for this one too… Good job to you too!)

18. September introduced a shift in the atmosphere and I realized I had to get some things in order…your gut don’t lie.

17.  It was time to lose weight, and I lost 20 lbs.  I guess a little stress and watching what you eat does that to you.

16. I know most of these things on this list are not directly about me but they consume my thoughts.

15.  For the past few months I literally have been waking up at 3:30 each morning, praying then going back to sleep.  I can’t explain it, but my spirit just wasn’t resting well.

14.  Some people think that I am strong because of the things that I have experienced, but most days I feel so anti and want to stay home because I get tired of PUSHING through the BS.

13.  I have stopped trying to see the good in everybody…I either fool with you or I don’t…and if I don’t trust me, you’ll know.

12.  Football season for my son’s was LIT!  Preston got faster…he’s a beast…Young Primetime…Randy Moss in the making.  I just adore him.

11.  There is nothing wrong with coming home to the confines of my four walls and not fooling with people.  I’ll socialize when I’m good and damn ready.

10. Being friends is better than relationships sometimes because as friends there are no lines to worry about crossing…laugh, have a good time, go your separate ways until you connect again!  I Will Sing Sing this with a smile on my face!

9.  Next year my plans will be laid out clearly and I will accomplish all of the goals that I set for myself…2017 is going to be EPIC!

8.  God told me to sit down and not be so busy… I did then I was able to see.

7.  God then told me to be quiet so I did then I was able to hear.

6.  God told me to be honest so I was, then my heart became lighter; I was no longer caring the burden of unfulfilled love.

5.  I got the toxic people out of my life and I’m still standing.  Who cares what other’s think?  People are going to talk anyway and only understand from their level of perception.

4.  As hard as I work, I will never let another person bring me down again…I’ve accomplished too much.  My resume looks GREAT at 35…IJS!

3.  My heart is not hardened but I will guard my heart because it is the source of life.  Love can come later…I’ll pass for now.

2.  Who would have thought that three years after meeting someone they would become a distant memory.

1. 35 is another milestone.  In my new year the goals I have set for myself can only be deterred by me and I am too ambitious to let myself down.

Happy Birthday to Me! 35 is year of dreams come true! 2017—7 the number of completion…I can’t wait to see what I will complete in the new year.

Published by LaTilya Rashon

🦋Mother and Entrepreneur figuring this thing called life out and trusting the process🦋

9 thoughts on “35 Random Thoughts on the Eve of my 35th Birthday

  1. This is so good. At first I thought you was going throughout the years like: age 30 age 29..but it was different things all within one year. Girl I’ve been to Jamaica numerous times. I wouldn’t mind going on a ladies trip or a couples trip after I get married. We really need to hang out in 2017 (if you’re cool with it) lol…

    I tried the coupon thing but I failed. I noticed that I was buying more stuff I didn’t need and not saving as much money as I wanted to. I think my hobby will be finishing my book and painting.. I want to get more into crafting at home.

    Your DR’s degree was huge.

    I keep saying that 2017 will be EPIC as well lol… this year is less talk and more action (my motto)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will most definitely hang out with you… you have been a Godly influence in my life and I’m thankful. I need all the pop tart and cereal coupons I can get, just wait until you have children🤗 Blogging…books…and career transitions… #itwasnecessary


      1. Yes indeed. We’ll just have to figure out what days work best in our busy schedules.Middle school boys at my school love pop tarts too haha. I don’t know if you have tried this, but emailing companies and letting them know you like their products/request for coupons usually work. I’ve done that with a lot of my favorite brands and they’ve sent me some of their coupons. Blogging, books, and career transitions – so true.

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  2. I don’t really know you, but I do admire and respect your reflectiveness. We have several things in common and you have accomplished some things I am considering myself. 2017 will be an amazing year for you because you’ve already claimed it. You have some amazing things about you (your devotion to your children, your work ethic, and your disdain for BS, etc). Continue to focus on those things and living your life to the fullest. Don’t waste energy on things outside of your control. Life is full of ups and downs and that will never change. The way in which we handle the ups and the downs hugely impacts our quality of life. I pray that you and your boys experience the most amazing things this upcoming year, which transcends 2017.

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    1. You know me my friend… at work I play it cool, I’m gregarious…but this-my blog is me… you see it… get your Doctorate I’m counting on you!


  3. I don’t have to say anything. I have known you for 35 years and have always been there and will be here for the next 35 years. After that I will be to old

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